Westinghouse wgen9500 Review: Best Heavy Duty Generator?

Which generator should I choose for heavy-duty home uses?

I want to use one generator for home and RV uses,

I can’t afford more than one generator, so I would like to use one generator for home and RV uses instead of buying one for home uses and one for RV uses.

If the above issues are similar to yours, then welcome. You’re at the right place. Here I will review a generator that can handle heavy-duty household tasks, RV tasks, and other heavy-duty loads.

And it is the Westinghouse Wgen9500. It is a heavy-duty all-in-one generator. It has all the modern features such as smart electric start, wifi starter, low oil shutdown, etc.

So, to know more about this beast, don’t quit reading the Westinghouse wgen9500 review.


Running watts 9500W
Starting watts 12500W
Sound 74 decibels
Engine 457cc 4-Stroke OHV
Start mechanism Push-button electric start
Warranty 3-Year Limited

Westinghouse wgen9500 review


Massive power output and runs a long time

Westinghouse wgen9500 power output

The most impressive feature of the Wgen9500 is its massive power output. It has 12000 start watts and 9500 running watts. This amount of output is enough for any task, let it be house backup or RV uses. It can run 12 hours without refueling with a single tank. The tank that comes with this generator can hold 6.6 gallons of fuel. One thing you should keep in mind that these 12 hours run time is based on 50% load.

Convenient control panel

Westinghouse wgen9500 review control panel

Control panel always remains a user-friendly issue for generators. If the generator has all the attractive features, but if its control panel is not user-friendly, then the generator will lose its appeal. To keep that in mind, Westinghouse comes with an easy-to-use control panel for the Wgen9500.

This convenient control panel features two 120V 5–20R CGFI type household receptacle. One 120V L14-30R transfer switch, which is ready. One RV ready, which capacity is 120/240V 14–50R. It also has two USB ports. To make sure your safety Westinghouse covers all of those outlets with rubber.

Powerful engine  

Westinghouse wgen9500 powerful engine

Here is the best thing about the Wgen9500 is its powerful engine. It is a four-stock 457cc OHV engine. This engine comes with an iron casting shelve, which lasts longer than a steel one.

It also features a low oil automatic shutdown mechanism. It will shut down the generator if it detects low oil, thus saves the engine from low oil effects.

Furthermore, it has a digital hour meter. It shows the generator’s active hours.

Smart electric start system with remote control   

It is the most advanced feature of the Wgen9500. It takes out the harder way to start the engine. The electric start system uses a push-button switch for starting the engine. You just need to push the button, and you’re done with the engine staring.

It also features a WIFI remote controller. It takes another step to make your engine starting more convenient. With this remote controller, you can start the generator from a 260ft distance.

Furthermore, for emergency purposes, it provides a manual coil starting system.

Easy to maintain

As an automatic low oil shutdown and built-in oil gauge protect the engine’s most common dangers, so there is little left for you to take care of. The Wgen9500 is an intelligent machine, that’s why it’s really easy to maintain.

Who it’s for

Wgen9500 is a heavy-duty, reliable generator. It is the best option for heavy-duty home use. Besides that, if you are looking for a powerful remote power station, it is the best candidate for you. You can use this beast for any tasks, as you wish to, whether it be in the construction site or industrial works.

What I like

The first thing I like about the Wgen9500 is its powerful engine. It is an OHV engine and looks like a monster. It is capable of generating 13.5 HP. This range of power output is really unbelievable. Starting this engine like drinking a glass of water even in cold weather. It has a 6.6-gallon gas tank, which is made of steel. It can run straight 12 hours with single tank fuel at 50% load.

In my Westinghouse wgen9500 review, I found that its engine is very economical to run. It is also CARB and EPA certified. I don’t think that any engine in its price range can beat it.

Another feature that wins my mind is its electric start. The Wgen9500 features an advance electric start system. The electric start also comes with a WIFI remote. You can start the engine from 260ft away. Therefore, anyone can start this engine without hassle.

When it comes to heavy-duty performance, it is really tough to beat this generator. You can though any heavy-duty task on this generator; it will perform like cutting through the butter.

What could be better

Many people claim that Wgen9500 makes a lot of noise. Considering this claim, I don’t agree with them. It’s a heavy-duty generator. Thus, it will be louder than portable generators. As far as I am concerned, 73 decibels noise is not that high for an open frame generator, if you consider its massive power output.

Another thing some people complain about is its weight. Again, here I also disagree with them. It weighs 192 pounds. Though it looks hefty, you should keep in mind that it’s a heavy-duty generator, so this amount of weight justifiable for this generator.


The Westinghouse Wgen9500 comes with three years of warranty for household uses and a limited one year for commercial uses. If the damage is manmade, then warranty promises won’t be fulfilled.

Final opinion

Wgen9500 is a heavy-duty powerhouse. With its massive output watts, long-running time, smart electric start, remote control for starter, durable built quality, it is the best in its class. You may find this type of feature on other generators, but they are more expensive than this affordable beast. After reading the Westinghouse wgen9500 review, hope you will be able to take the right decision on it.

Frequently asked questions

What types of oil does the engine use?
It uses synthetic and conventional oil.
How much time Westinghouse Wgen9500 can run on one tank of gas?
It runs 8 to 10 hours on a gas tank at 25% load.
Can I use natural gas for its operation?

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