Wen 56203i Review: Is It the Best Inverter Generator for You?

Are you searching for an inverter generator for the backup of your home electricity blackout?

Are you looking for the best 2000 watts generator?

If yes,

I have an answer for you.

And it is the Wen 56203i inverter generator.

The Wen 56203i is a portable inverter generator packed with modern features. It is super quiet and extremely lightweight. A 79cc four-stroke engine powers this small beast. It provides clean and reliable power straight seven hours. Voltage spike and drop protection features make sure that all of your appliances run safely.

Is Wen 56302i is perfect for you?

Here in this WEN 56203i review, I am going to discuss the pros, cons, and different features of this little beast. I will also discuss real-life user experiences.

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Weight 39 pounds
Running watts 1700W
Starting watts 2000W
Sound 51 decibels
Engine 79cc 4-stroke OHV
Start mechanism Manual
Warranty Two year

WEN 56203i review


Lightweight and portable

WEN 56203i

This generator is extremely lightweight. It is rare to find this type of ultra-lightweight inverter generator. The Wen 56203i weighs only 39 pounds. Therefore, makes it one of the most lightweight, portable inverter generators currently available on the market.

Apart from that, this generator features a handle for easy transportation. You can use this handle to move the generator from one place to another place. Lower weight and convenient handle make it an ideal option for camping.

Low noise level

WEN 56203i

It produces 51 decibels noise, which makes it one of the quietest generators in its class. It wouldn’t be wrong if we rate this generator as the most silent generator. When two people talk with each other, their conversation produces 58 decibels, but this generator produces only 51 decibels, which is surprisingly low. If you place this generator a few feet from your sitting place, you won’t hear any sounds at all.

If you need to use generator in public places or want a calm environment in camping, nothing can be better than this generator.

Low fuel shutdown

If the generator shuts down due to the lower oil, it negatively affects the generator’s engine. To avoid this type of situation, Wen provides fuel shutoff features to this generator. It will shut down the generator while fuel remaining in the carburetor. Therefore, it maximizes generator lifespan.

Easy to use control panel

 WEN 56203i review control panel

When it comes to the control panel, Wen 56203i features an easy-to-use control panel. You can reach every feature of this control panel with few finger travels. It includes two 120V receptors, which are two-three prong. In addition, one 12V DC receptacles. Furthermore, it also features two 5V USB ports. You can use these ports to charge your smartphones and power banks.

Reliable power provider

A 79cc four-stroke OHV engine powers the Wen 56203i. This engine produces 2000 watts at starting and 1700 watts at running. As it is a compact inverter generator, this level of power output is not bad. You can use this generator for medium to lower-end tasks.

Limited maintenance

As far as maintenance is concerned, you don’t need to worry too much. It is a ready to go to generator. Its lower fuel shutoff features reduce the maintenance work exceptionally well by preventing blockage. So, you’re almost free from maintenance.

Eco-friendly mode

It is another excellent feature of the Wen 56203i. It adds more value to this unit. The ecofriendly feature reduces engine speed when it detects lower load; it controls engine speed according to the power load. Therefore, it saves a lot of fuel and extends the running time. Furthermore, it also reduces the noise by stopping the engine from running at maximum speed.

Who it’s for

It is an ideal generator for camping. For people who like quietness in their camping area, this unit is perfect for them. For RV users, this unit could be an ideal option if you don’t need to use an air conditioner.

What I like

Safety is the best thing about this generator. Your sensitive devices are completely safe while charging from this generator due to its voltage surge protection features.

I must say about the quietness of this machine. In my WEN 56203i review, I found that it is super quiet. It is my most favorite feature of this generator. You will hardly hear any sound if you place this generator a few feet away from your sitting place.

The parallel capabilities of this generator are another value-added option. If you need more power, you can add another unit through its parallel feature.

Wen 56203i takes the portability to another level. Lightweight and compactness make this generator extremely portable.

What could be better 

Run time could be better. The current running time is not so bad, but it could have one- or two more hours running time.

As it is a compact generator, it could have an electric start mechanism.

This generator only runs small appliances. Can not handle appliances like air conditioners.

It requires an altitude kit if it needs to place on more than 2000 feet.


Like other Wen generators, you will get two years warranty for household uses. For commercial uses, you will get 90 days. You have 30 days from the purchasing date to report any missing or damaged parts.

Final opinion

Wen 56203i is one of the best all-rounder inverter generator. Currently, you can buy. Being lighter, portable, quiet, and fuel-efficient, this generator is worth considering as your next portable power station. Considering its performance and user reviews, I would like to suggest you Wen 56203 without any hesitations. If you had hesitation about Wen 56203i, after reading WEN 56203i review, you will get a clear idea about this generator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with engine oil?
No, you have to fill engine oil and gasoline before starting the generator.
There is any benefit to using 89 or 87 octane gas?
No, it’s up to you. It won’t make any performance difference. The engine will treat 89 octan as 87 octan.
Is it possible to charge the CPAP battery with this generator?
Is it possible to charge the CPAP battery with this generator?
Does it come with an oil filter?
Country of origin?
Is this unit capable of running a pressure washer?

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