How to Maintain a Generator: 13 Tips That Increase Generator Life

What is necessary for living a healthy life?

Healthy food, exercising, proper diet, etc.

Like a human being, an engine also needs maintenance to remain healthy all the time.

If you don’t maintain your generator properly, you won’t get service in the needy time.

It is necessary to maintain the generator regularly to keep the generator stand by all the time.

To help you out in these critical tasks, here I am going to discuss some tips on how to maintain a generator. If you follow these tips, then you will be able to keep your generator stand by all the time.

Are you serious about your generator maintenance?

If yes, then keep reading.

13 tips on how to maintain a generator

1.Warranty purchasing is a great option

A generator is an expensive machine. So, for running it for a long time, you can purchase a limited or full warranty. It is the best way to protect your generator from any danger.

2. Protect the motor from burnout

portable generator and motor

Motor burnout is a common issue for generators. For protecting it from premature burnout, it is advised to use a heavy-duty cord. On the other hand, lighter cords increase voltage, so avoid using them. As generators make noise so use a longer cable so that you can sleep without interpretation.

3. Run the generator frequently

Mechanical instruments require to run frequently to remain on standby. Suppose you don’t run your generator for a long time. It might damage different parts of the generator; thus, it stops working. If you start the generator after a long break, you might see the electric start is no longer working. The electric start system uses a battery for starting, and the battery doesn’t remain ideal if you don’t recharge it for a while.

4. Make sure the generator’s tank is always full

Do you know what happens if the generator stops due to low oil? When a generate runs at full speed, its receiver gets full electric load. If the generator stopped working receiver’s electrical load will suck up the generator magnet. It will result in damaging the generator. So, to keep your generator safe, always refuel it before starting.

5. Store some oil filters for emergency need

generator oil filters

Some people need to run generators for a few hours to charge their appliances like smartphones and laptops. On the other hand, some people use generators for their construction sites, and they need to run the generator for an extended period. When you need to run the generator for extra-long hours, store some oil filters for an emergency because the oil filter could stop working. Therefore the generator will stop working.

6. Change engine oil frequently

Engine oil is the lifeblood of an engine. So how could the body remain well with bad blood? An engine can’t perform well without quality engine oil. So how can I maintain the engine oil quality? By changing the engine oil frequently.

Oil changes frequency depends on different facts; generator’s brand, running environment, running time, etc.

But experts suggest changing engine oil after 50 to 200 hours.

7. Clean the generator regularly

Cleaning is a prerequisite for any mechanical instrument to remain afloat over a long period of time. And generators are no different. If you don’t clean your generator for a while, then there is a strong possibility that debris and dust will fill up inside the generator. As a result, it will block the generator from starting. So, if you want to keep your generator on standby all the time, then clean it regularly.

8. Stop using old gas for the generator from now

Are you using old gas for your generator? If yes, then you should stop doing it right now. Doing this will ensure you’re using clean, efficient fuel; thus, it will save the engine from corrosion and damage.

9. Store the generator in a safe place

generator storer

If you want to protect your generator and extend its lifespan, you have to place it in a clean place. The place should have a facility to exhaust CO gas. In other words, you need to place the generator in a place where air moves easily and free from the touch of water. You can also use a tent and shed for generator protection.

10. Never use the generator in the indoor

Never use the generator indoor. Yes, you’re reading right. I repeat you shouldn’t place it indoors. If you do, it can cause CO poison. Therefore, it could kill you.  Even if the generator’s room running out of air, then the generator will be damaged. So, avoid using generators indoor for the good of yourself and the generator.

11. Never refuel the generator directly

How do you refuel your generator?

Do you shut down the generator before refueling?

If you refuel generators while running, then you’re making grave mistakes. This mistake can take your life. Generator fuel is very dangerous. They can ignite fire easily. And when you refill the fuel tank while the engine is running, the generator remains hot, and it can cause fire ignition. It’s better to stop refueling the generator directly.

12. Check the generator voltage

Let’s be technical. It’s time to check the generator voltage. You can check the generator’s voltage using a meter. If you find that the voltage is more than the actual voltage level, you should talk to a professional to fix it. If the generator is providing excessive voltage, it runs at a higher speed than its actual speed. It can damage the generator’s parts.

13.Don’t forget to use the transfer switch

generator transfer switch

Never connect anything directly from the generator. It can cause back feeding. As a result, the generator will be damaged, even you will be electrified and could die. To keep yourself and the generator danger-free, always use a transfer switch.


Sometimes, the generator can be a lifesaver, but you need to keep the generator ready for that particular moment. If you follow the tips on how to maintain a generator that I discussed above, you will be able to keep your generator ready for any situation. What is the most important thing for generator maintenance? Don’t forget to tell me about that in the comment box below.

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