He enjoys her because he has no real responsibility when he’s with her & gets to party & have sex

He enjoys her because he has no real responsibility when he’s with her & gets to party & have sex

Mine was messing with her first lover from when she was 15, we both are industrial electricians, we both earn close to 3000 a week

Her AP has been in prison on and off his whole life, last time he got out he contacted her, he was cheating on 3 other women he was lying his ass off too, he lives with one until problems start then he moves to the next, all of the other 3 are on welfare, so my wife was a huge step up for him, he just knew she was going to leave me for him, what a rude awakening he received when I found out.

What a lovely person

My husband has definitely affaired down. He is sleeping with my EX good friend, my brother’s EX girlfriend, my nephew’s mother, my kid’s “aunt” & my oldest daughter’s “Godmother” (that’s laughable because there’s obviously nothing “Godly” about her). So loyal & honest to me as she “consoled” me for weeks telling me that she was “talking” to my husband & trying to help our marriage all while she was screwing him. What a wonderful moral person she is. She even had the guts to tell my MIL that he deserves to be happy because he’s been thru a lot of shit (deployments, which I went thru with him in terms of supporting him back home), so I guess I don’t deserve to be happy with my husband & kids. She also told her “it’s not like I ruined a happy marriage”. Yeah, our marriage wasn’t perfect, but I honestly didn’t think it was that bad, but now he claims he wanted a divorce for a long time & hasnt loved me, even tho we just talked to a contractor about building a house, had a kissbrides.com Recursos baby on the way, had a family vacation planned, bought a brand new family vehicle, etc. He claims he did those things to make me happy & that he didn’t want to do any of those things including having another child (he wasn’t planned, but I was more than happy to welcome a new baby into our family). I don’t see where his attraction to her is because he constantly said how she was a horrible parent & never disciplined her kids, that she was fat, immature, etc. She’s nothing special to look at either. I can guarantee I am a better mother, friend, wife & person than she’ll ever be because I would NEVER do what she’s done, not even to my worst enemy, which is her at the moment. I guess that’s worth giving up your family, half your bank account, your possessions, your friends, the respect people have for you, etc etc etc. I could go on all day of the things he’s giving up…. for her…

My vegan, liberal, country music and animal rights advocate is currently fucking a Trump-voting, Country music loving, meat eating Hunter.

My once intelligent, liberal, self- described skeptic, critical thinking, generous, non-carb/junk food eating, non-texting, hater of stupid trump voters of a husband – fell for an obese, Burger Queen loving, bad knees from obesity, low IQ, slang talking, text addicted, cheap, ugly trump voter who at the time had been married 42 years!! He complimented her up and down. It had been five years since he complimented me. My self-esteem but have been in a good place then – but now it is nonexistent.

Husband kept is head cemented up his ass for six months after I caught them texting. It was not enough that they worked second shift together at a mental hospital, they spent every morning texting while I was at work! I am her complete opposite. It’s been over 2 1/2 years, and I am making plans to rid myself of this obnoxious creature. We have had to quit our jobs, move hundreds of miles away and try and settle in an area we don’t like, spending all of our savings and going into debt – to get away from the destruction of the choices he freely made each and every day. We have lost so much and yet, his idiot affair partner blobs on, unscathed – like all narcissists do.

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